Features and benefits

PEDOT, transparent conductive film sensor is used to form the flexible translucent circuit,

Designers can take this backlight design for surface capacitance induction keyboard interface

Features and benefits:

1.Can be coated in a variety of base material,

Include polyester, polycarbonate

And the glass

Suitable for all kinds of type needs to be durable

Translucent circuit applications

2.To realize the touch-sensitive

And close to the induction trigger

May constitute a capacitive sensing touch switch,

Slide switch, rotary trigger switch,

Can meet the needs of a wide range of design.

3.Flexible translucent guide

Electric film sensors

Can be used for 3 d surface,

Designers can cause

This implementation more detailed design

4.Thin and transparent

Electric film sensors

Support the backlight technology,

More than any other technology

Save a space

5.With pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA)

Used together

No need to transparent adhesive coating is relatively expensive

(OCA).PEDOT and standard pressure sensitive adhesive

Mixture can be used

6.Translucent circuit

Allows light to pass through.Backlight can be through the

The circuit to capacitance induction button position

7.It can realize production at low temperature

And simple design

Reduce the overall cost of production


Electrical appliances (control circuit)

Refrigeration equipment

Cooking equipment

The cleaner's

The dishwasher


Consumer products and household products of the Internet

Intelligent speaker


Streaming media device

Home automation equipment

Car (control circuit)

Inside the car center control area

On the door control unit

Map light

Seat control

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